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Top 5 Trends in Men’s Hairstyles for 2024

June 17, 2024

Remember 2023, when Oppenheimer was all the rage? Well, bad news for anyone who got their hair cut like Cillian Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer, “Your hairstyle is now so last year!”

So how can you keep up with the ever-changing world of men’s hairstyles?

Don’t let the panic settle in! We are about to share the hottest hair trends of 2024…. From the effortlessly cool to the boldly daring, we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s making waves (and curls, and fades) in the world of men’s hairstyles this year. 

Whether you’re looking to switch things up completely, or just add a modern twist to your current look, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s dive into the top trends that will keep you looking fresh and stylish all year long. Ready to turn heads and spark conversations with your new ‘do? Let’s get started!

Top Trending Men’s Hairstyle # 1: Pompadour

Volume on top of your head with shorter hair on the sides, the pompadour has been a classic ever since Madame de Pompadour wore it first during the Rococo period.

There are several ways to make this style your own with variations in the texture of the top and faded sides. Typically, the longer hair on the top is combed back with volume, while the sides are slicked backward.

Products: You’ll need pomade or styling wax to hold your pomp in place.

Suitable face shapes: Since the elevated top elongates your face, the pompadour is best suited for square, oval, or round faces.

Suitable hair types: The hairstyle works best for men with thick, straight or wavy hair, with medium length.

Maintenance: The pompadour is a fairly complex style and needs regular styling and haircutting for maintenance.

Celebrity inspiration: Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake

Top Trending Men’s Hairstyle # 2: Crew Cut

Crew cut is a timeless and versatile hairstyle for men. While it suits all ages, the style’s ease of maintenance and suitability for both formal and casual occasions make it super popular among men of mature ages.

The haircut features a similar length across the entire head, with the top only slightly longer. You can leave the top tousled for the weekends and combed back for work. Another hip variation for the younger audience is frosted or dyed tips on the top of the head.

Products: You’ll only need a little wax on your fingertips for a refined look for work.

Suitable face shapes: The crew cut suits a lot of face shapes including round, oval, and diamond. You can add a high fade on the sides and make it work for a square face too.

Suitable hair types: The hairstyle is great to give an illusion of thicker hair so it is best for men with fine hair. It also works for straight, wavy, or even curly hair and for people who prefer shorter hair lengths.

Maintenance: Crew cut has essentially evolved from the practical and minimalist military cut, so it requires little care. You’ll just need a trim occasionally to keep your hair length to where you want and you’ll be good to go. No blow-dryer or styling is needed!

Celebrity inspiration: Channing Tatum, Zayn Malik

Top Trending Men’s Hairstyle # 3: The Undercut

Can’t decide between short and long hair lengths? The undercut lets you have the best of both worlds!

Your hairdresser will use clippers on your sides and back to give you those extremely short sides, while the top will be considerably longer. A seamlessly blended undercut requires an expert’s touch who knows how to make your top and sides look connected even when their length varies greatly.

Products: You can keep the longer hair on top of your head swept to a side or slicked backward, and will need wax, mousse, or pomade for that.

Suitable face shapes: Shorter sides and longer top helps elongate your face. So this hairstyle is best for men with round, oval, or square faces.

Suitable hair types: If you have thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair, the undercut is best for you to reduce hair weight. But you’ll want to steer clear if you are undergoing hair loss or thinning. [insert link to the hair loss blog post]

Maintenance: The undercut demands constant styling to tame your hair on top. Plus, regular trims to keep your short hair on the sides, short.

Celebrity inspiration: David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth (in Extraction)

Top Trending Men’s Hairstyle # 4: Medium-Length Wavy

If you like running your (or her) fingers through your luscious, wavy hair, you’ll love the new beachy hair trend.

With medium-length hair all across your head (sides only slightly shorter than the top), this hairstyle is versatile enough to go from laid-back and informal to classic and clean-cut with just a little styling.

An experienced hairstylist is crucial, however. You’ll need layers that suit your waves and hair length… something [insert hairstylists’ names] are experts in at Steel Blade.

Products: You’ll need mousse or styling wax to hold the waves in place and a sea salt spray for those beachy vibes. Also, work on your hair health with deep conditioning and masks.

Suitable face shapes: The haircut is best for diamond-shaped faces to help slim the top and neutralize the sharp chin.

Suitable hair types: You’ll need wavy hair to do justice to this hairstyle. Or if you have the patience, get some products to add waves to your straight hair. Thick, healthy hair is also crucial.

Maintenance: The medium-length wavy is a low-maintenance hairstyle since it doesn’t require frequent visits to the barber. You can also rock it without much styling if you are not going for a clean-cut, formal look.

Celebrity inspiration: Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Timothy Chamalet

Top Trending Men’s Hairstyle # 5: The Side Part

What’s more sophisticated and always runway-ready than a sleek side part?

It is the most professional yet sexy hairstyle we have seen over the years, and it seems everyone from serious businessmen to supermodels has been rocking it. 

You have shorter sides but no fade, the top is 4 to 6 inches in length and combed neatly in the direction of your natural parting. 

Products: You’ll need only a little wax to avoid frizz, if needed.

Suitable face shapes: This hairstyle suits almost all face shapes including oval and square.

Suitable hair types: The side part looks best with thick wavy hair, but you can achieve a clean look with thin, straight hair with a little effort too.

Maintenance: The best thing about a side part is the easy maintenance. You’ll just need to comb your hair in the right direction and you’ll be ready to go.

Celebrity inspiration: Benedict Cumberbatch, Liam Hemsworth

Only The Trendiest Hairstyle For A Modern Man…

Always look on-spot with a hairstyle that is in-style and suits your personality. Book your appointment with Steel Blade for the best hair services in all of Albuquerque. 

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