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The Science Behind Hair Loss In Men: Understanding The Causes And Solutions

June 17, 2024

You’re standing in front of the mirror, getting ready to attend a wedding. The 3-piece suit looks sharp on you… the shiny boots, crisp shirt, and tie matching with your pants. You could easily do that get-ready-with-me Instagram reel so popular among kids these days.

You casually run your finger through your hair and that’s when it happens… the epiphany, the moment of revelation, a realization harsh enough to bring you back to reality. It’s your hair… And even though it’s just two strands, you know those strands have been a constant for the last year or so.

And we all know where that constant will take you in a few months from now…

Hair loss is a cruel prank, and if you’re here, reading this, we know you are tired of looking like a “before” picture. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you deal with the hairy nightmare. We’ll spill the tea on why your hair is ghosting you and how to bring it back. 

No more hair-raising problems, just solutions that’ll make your scalp cheer! Ready? Let’s comb through the details!

The Science Behind Hair Loss In Men

While there are several types of hair loss depending on their causes and symptoms, male pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia makes up 95% of them. 

The condition causes you to have a stronger response to male hormones in the scalp, called androgens and DHTs. For those of us who have hair loss running in the family, the stronger response results in the shrinking of the hair follicles in our scalps. The hair first becomes thinner and shorter, and ultimately loses its ability to grow.

And that’s when it happens… Your head goes from Brad Pitt to Vin Diesel in no time!

Experts even came up with a scale to categorize your misery into stages. It’s called the Hamilton-Norwood scale and has the following seven stages:

Stage 1: There’s little to no hair loss or recession. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Stage 2: Uh-oh, you might notice slight hair loss creeping in near the temples. It’s like your hairline is whispering, “See ya later!”

Stage 3: Your hairline might start forming an “M” or “U” shape. It’s as if your hairline is getting creative!

Stage 4: Things are getting serious. The hairline recession is deep, and you’re starting to lose some hair on the top of your head (crown).

Stage 5: The recession is now a full-on reunion with the bald spot on your crown. Your receding hairline and balding crown are becoming best buds.

Stage 6: The hair between your temples and crown is thinning or has vanished completely. 

Stage 7: And finally, you’ve reached the end of the hair loss highway. There’s no hair on the top of your head, and you’re left with a thin band of hair around the sides — the classic “horseshoe” look!

Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

Now, before we go searching for a solution for that balding head of yours, it is important to know what’s causing the problem in the first place. 

Here are the most common causes of hair loss in males:

  1. Stress: Toxic boss, failing relationships, financial instability… They cause more than just sleepless nights. Chronic stress and anxiety mess up your hair growth cycles resulting in hair loss.
  2. Hormones: The male hormones that brought pubic and armpit hair in your teens… yep they love to shrink the hair follicles in your scalp now and speed up hair loss. The irony!
  3. Genetics: Got a bald dad or grandpa? Looks like you’ve inherited the family tradition of losing hair.
  4. Obesity: Packing extra pounds can throw your hormones out of whack and cause inflammation, both of which aren’t great for your hair.
  5. Autoimmune Disease: Although rare, sometimes your immune system gets a little too aggressive and starts attacking your hair follicles, causing hair loss.
  6. Drugs: Some meds, especially for cancer, depression, and high blood pressure, can cause hair loss as an unwanted side-effect.
  7. Hypothyroidism: A sluggish thyroid can slow everything down, including your hair growth, leading to thinning hair.
  8. Infection: Scalp infections like ringworm can mess with your hair follicles and make your hair fall out.
  9. Nutritional Deficiencies: Not getting enough iron, zinc, or vitamins? Your hair needs those nutrients to stay strong and grow, so it might start shedding without them.

Solutions Of Hair Loss In Men

Solutions for hair loss in men range from kitchen ingredient remedies to expensive surgeries. Which one is the best for you? Well, you need to learn what each one’s about to decide!

1. Medicines

Minoxidil (you might know it as Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) are your go-tos here. Minoxidil is a liquid you rub on your scalp, and finasteride is a pill that helps reduce those pesky hormone levels. They can slow down hair loss and even help you grow some new strands.

2. PRP Injections

Ever heard of PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy? It involves injecting your own platelets into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Think of it as giving your scalp a little motivational speech to grow thicker, healthier hair.

3. Hair Transplant

Looking for a more permanent fix? Hair transplants might be your answer. They move hair from places where you’ve got plenty to those thinning or bald spots. But the procedure is expensive and pretty much a surgery!

4. Home Remedies

If you’re into the DIY approach, there are some home remedies worth trying. Massaging your scalp with oils like coconut or castor oil can boost circulation and nourish your hair. And don’t forget a diet rich in vitamins and minerals – biotin, iron, and zinc are especially great for keeping your hair healthy.

5. Hair Systems

When you need an instant fix or just want to switch things up, hair systems are a fantastic disguise. Modern hair systems from an authentic place like Steel Blade look super realistic and can be custom-fitted to blend perfectly with your natural hair, giving you the look you want right away. [add a link to the hair systems blog post]


Hair loss can be a real blow to your confidence, affecting everything from your personal style to your self-esteem. Understanding the causes – whether it’s stress, genetics, or even your diet – is the first step in tackling the issue head-on.

And remember… You don’t have to face hair loss alone. At Steel Blade, we’re here to help you look and feel your best. Whether you need a fresh haircut or a high-quality hair system, our expert team has got you covered. 

Visit us today and let’s turn those hair worries into hair wins!

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