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What's in it for you?  
 If your dreams are to buy your first house and be independently successful we provide guidance and support to help you achieve those goals. Benefits include:
    1. Flexible time off
    2. Paid time off
    3. Simple IRA retirement fund with employer match
    4. Monthly one-on-one coaching to help you reach your personal and career goals
    5. Paid education, training, and mentorship
    6. All clients provided for you - no need to do outside marketing
Yes, we work hard to serve our clientele in a modern salon, enjoy flexible hours with great pay.  We believe in learning and growing together as a team.  We regularly participate in hands-on training and teaching opportunities at industry events and seminars.

To apply for opportunities, please send your information  to blade@steelblademenssalon.com

Are you a men’s stylist or master barber? A Career that works for you!

Start a new chapter in your career with Steel Blade Men’s Salon.

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