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With decades of experience, we have distinguished ourselves by providing an outstanding salon environment and the highest standard of care. A balance of skill, technical acumen, and friendly banter, we’re dedicated to making sure every visit is top-notch.

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With decades of experience, we have distinguished ourselves by providing an outstanding salon environment and the highest standard of care. A balance of skill, technical acumen, and friendly banter, we’re dedicated to making sure every visit is top-notch.

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Men’s self-care is on the rise and we’re here to meet the demand. As a locally-owned small business, we pride ourselves on serving our community and treating those who are just passing through like family. Our staff is continuously learning and we keep our skills (and scissors) sharp so we’re prepared for every head of hair that comes through our doors.

We love what we do & it shows.

Albuquerque's Best Kept Secret.

Style extends to much more than a well-fitting suit and shoes—much of it is in the little details. Steel Blade Men’s Salon creates an environment for men to feel comfortable and relaxed. A place that provides services to meet all your hair and skin care needs. Make our space your place for everything, men.

Our style

“I’ve had shaves in so many places all over this hemisphere and my shave today was the best I’ve ever had. My barber’s technique and style were phenomenal and he was pleasant, conversant, and informative. I cannot recommend this shop highly enough. If you’re looking for a new salon and barber, stop here and now—you’ll be quite pleased!”


Born and raised in the Southwest, Stacey found her calling as a salon owner and badass team leader. With over 30 years of professional experience, Stacey has always loved cutting and styling short hair and beards. In her free time, she likes to travel, take photos, and read about business and she’s also an avid coffee connoisseur. Being one of the owners of Steel Blade Men’s Salon is a dream come true for Stacey!




Over the past 18 years, Brandie has established herself as one of Albuquerque’s best barbers, having learned that it’s so much more than a haircut. It’s an experience fusing craft and artistry with a connection that grows with each visit to our salon. The past 6 years have opened many doors and ended up leading Brandie to become one of the owners of Steel Blade Men’s Salon—one of the best men's grooming salons in New Mexico. Brandie specializes in haircuts, facial waxing, and beards. She loves being an integral part of men’s grooming and how clients feel about themselves.





With more than 30 years in the industry Shane has developed a strong focus on consistency with every client. The grooming needs of men have become increasingly prevalent in today's society, and Shane has found the perfect niche at Steel Blade Men’s Salon to meet those needs for his clients. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and old cars and his two energetic teenage
daughters keep him young at heart. 


Men's Stylist

Need a barber who can take care of your hair? Look no further! I've been in the business for over 5 years, an Army Veteran and total outdoorsman. My fades and straight razor shaves are sure to leave you satisfied, and my sarcastic humor may just come out while we're at it too (just ask anyone).



Master Barber + Salon COO


Saturnino is the heart of our salon. He loves to support Steel Blade customers and staff. Saturnino has a warm, fun personality that will always welcome you with a smile. When he is not at Steel Blade, music and anime is his go to.  He enjoys solving clients' problems and providing top-tier customer service.


Salon coordinator

With ten years of experience doing hair, Roxanne provides the most comfortable and relaxing services.  She excels in cutting medium and long hair, but can handle hair of any length and texture, including beards.  She is also great at listening to guests' needs, especially when the guest wants to change his look.  Roxanne was born and raised in Colorado, she enjoys the outdoors with her three children and dog, Trixie.



Men's Stylist

I'm a proud New Mexico native with a passion for the outdoors and my strong-knit family, especially my two fur babies. I specialize in bringing out the best of Albuquerque one fade at a time! Be it modern or classic haircuts, beard trims, styling services, or something unique and special just for you – my guests can trust that their cut will be given plenty TLC and some extra flair to give it that special touch. Bringing out the best in people through quality haircuts is something that gives me so much joy! So if you're looking for personalized attention while getting a great Service look no further.    


Men's stylist


Sky loves crafting all types of hairstyles. Be it short fades or long hair, she has a passion for it all. Sky gained immense experience as a stylist in CA and AZ, she has now found her home in NM. Sky has a keen eye for styling and strives to ensure her clients feel happy and confident. Her positive outlook on life is one of her best attributes along with her ability to tell many interesting stories. She will work with you to achieve a look that will consistently meet your hair needs. 



Men's Stylist

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