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Hair systems now at Steel Blade men’s Salon

June 17, 2024

Hair Systems For Men By Steel Blade: Everything You Need To Know To Say Goodbye To Hair Loss

Isn’t it soul-crushing when people mistake you for someone 10 years older? Or when they think you are your friend’s uncle when, in reality, you are both the same age!

You know your bald head is to blame, but you are just not ready to go under the blade. The thought of surgery, hospital bills, and post-op care scares the bejesus out of you… and those hair regrowth therapies just won’t work.

Hmm… if only there was something far less invasive than a surgical hair transplant, more reliable than regrowth therapies, and much less fake-looking than cheap hair wigs!

Well, there is!

Introducing hair systems for men by Steel Blade. They’re easy on the pocket, completely non-invasive, and the next best thing you can get to natural hair. They’re practically life-savers AND age-rewinders!

But what are they, how do they work, and most importantly, how can you get one? Let’s get into all those hairy details!
What Is A Hair System For Men?
To put it plainly, a hair system is essentially a semi-permanent wig that hides your hair loss.

But as someone suffering at the hands of balding and hair loss, you’ll see that Steel Blade’s hair systems for men are far from any ordinary toupee. They’re custom-made out of actual human hair to give you the most natural finish, and require much less maintenance than removable wigs.

Your stylist will put on your hair system, and you’ll be good to go without any touch-ups for as long as six months in some cases.

Plus, with our partner brands like NSG offering more than 20 variations in color, texture, and gray %, they’re the most discreet thing you’ll ever wear!

Did You Know? According to a study, hair loss can have extreme psychological implications for 25% of men with male pattern baldness.

How Do Steel Blade’s Hair Systems For Men Work?
To understand this better, you should know that a semi-permanent wig has three basic components:

A base: This is usually monofilament or polyurethane lace and is what keeps the hair attached to your scalp. Premium brands like Lavivid also provide skin hair systems with a 0.03 mm see-through base that blends seamlessly with your natural skin.

The base should be comfortable, breathable, and sturdy to ensure you don’t face any embarrassing wig fall-outs while you dive into a pool.

The hair: The best quality hair systems have human hair hand-woven into the base, so they follow a natural pattern and can mimic your original hair density. You should be able to choose between different hair textures, densities, curl types, and colors, etc.

Adhesive: There are a few adhesives to keep your hair system in place for at least a week or even months. Your hair stylist will choose between tapes, glue, or a combination of both, per your requirements.

Overall, the choice of the base material, hair type, and adhesive will depend largely on factors such as your preference, provider brand, and your circumstances such as humidity, lifestyle, styling, and usage, etc.
Are Steel Blade’s Hair Systems For Me?
We’ve hinted at multiple hair system benefits already, but for emphasis, let’s list them all again here.

Steel Blade’s hair systems are for you if:

You’re avoiding surgery.
We get it… surgeons, incisions, post-op scars, and recoveries can be scary. Plus, a hair transplant can cost between $7,000 to $10,000 (insurance rarely covers the cost).

You desire instant results.
A hair system will transform your look instantly. You go into the salon looking like a grumpy old man, and 2 hours later, BAM! You are this confident, attractive-looking bloke, bursting with positive masculine energy!

You want something reversible.
Hair systems are semi-permanent and almost zero-commitment. The day you decide they are not working well for you, you can take them off and go back to your old self.

You have a budget.
The best part about Steel Blade’s hair systems is that you can achieve premium results without drilling a hole in your pocket. The upfront investment varies from person to person, but you can expect the prices to start at $1500.

You have a typical condition.
Since hair systems solely hide your balding areas, they can address several hair loss issues, like male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and other alopecias.

On the other hand, hair systems for men by Steel Blade are NOT for you if:

You fear explaining the instant hair transformation to your friends or family.
You are looking for a hair regrowth solution and not just a cover-up.
Hair appointments or at-home sticking seem like a lot of work.
You fear losing the hair you still have because the glue and tape from hair systems may tug on your hair follicles, aggravating hair loss.
What Does A Typical Steel Blade Hair System Appointment Look Like?
Once you make up your mind about transforming into a confident young man and get a hair system by Steel Blade, here’s what the entire procedure will look like:
Your hair stylist will ask about your preferences, expectations, usage, and specific requests.
The stylist will assess your hair and scalp, discuss your desired look, and recommend suitable hair system options for you.
If you decide to proceed, the stylist will take detailed measurements of your head to ensure a perfect fit.
After finalizing the details, the salon will order your hair system according to the specifications discussed during the consultation. Hold your horses, this may take a few days!
Once your hair system is ready, the salon will schedule a fitting appointment.
During this appointment, the stylist will shave the specific area of your head where the hair system will be placed
They will cleanse your scalp with different products to ensure there is no sweat or sebum.
They will dry your head completely with a hair dryer.
The stylist will now carefully attach the hair system to your head with glue and/or tape, ensuring a secure and natural-looking fit.
They may also trim and style the hair system to achieve your desired look.

Never Settle for Less Than Perfect Hair…
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